Looking back at 2014

Let’s start off with a few numbers:

  • Zipcar rentals: 15
  • Untappd badges unlocked or leveled up at least once: 31 (I don’t know how many times I leveled up that stupid “you drank an American beer” badge.)
  • Workouts & bike rides: 107  
  • Jars canned: 70
  • Miles on the bike: 69.4 (I think there are some farmer’s market trips that didn’t get entered)
  • Steps on my Fitbit: 2,641,742 (1,181.31 miles)

And how did I do on the goals I set for myself for the year? Not great, but that’s OK. It was a fun year!

Re-reading – Last year I decided that instead of setting a numerical goal for books to read, I’d try to re-read a bunch of books throughout the year. I hadn’t set myself a specific goal for this, so technically since I did re-read a few books I made my goal. But, I have to say I had thought I’d read more than four! I posted more detail about my 2014 reading the other day.

Fitness – This is another one where I didn’t set a numerical goal, but just wanted to keep up the excellent progress I’d made after a three-week boot camp in the fall of 2013. Unfortunately that did not happen, and the results I’d seen from that bootcamp are long gone. That said, when I looked at the number of workouts (including bike rides and hikes) that I logged each month, it wasn’t as unbalanced as I expected:

Jan: 8
Feb: 11
March: 10
April: 7
May: 6
June: 10
July: 12
August: 6
September: 13
October: 10
November: 7
December:  7

The classes I go to twice a week at work are a big help in this. I think the main thing I need to look at is not necessarily increasing the frequency of my workouts, but adding in some more cardio and strength training — the types of things we did in the bootcamp. Yoga, pilates and resistance bands are great, but they aren’t going to get me the results that I know I can get from a regular regimen of more strenuous workouts. Lucky for me, I’m moving very soon, and it looks like the move is going to make this change pretty easy.

Hostessing – I wanted to have people over more, so I had a brunch and then was able to host two book club meetings. Not bad, but I had (not for the first time) envisioned something more regular. That said, Handsome and I both enjoy having people over and so I don’t think this is something I will really have to do much work to accomplish this year.

Making more stuff – It definitely doesn’t feel like I made more stuff in 2014. I canned about as much stuff for myself as last year, but didn’t have any of the canning days that a friend and I had enjoyed in 2013, when we’d make and split big batches. I also sewed a bit less. This is another thing that might change this year, due to a potential schedule change after I move.

Picture a day challenge – This fizzled out. I’m taking a picture almost every day, but you can’t add tags when you upload from the flickr app, which is a big downside. So that meant uploading things manually, which I dutifully did for a while. Eventually, I decided that I wasn’t getting anything out of it, and I stopped. For me, flickr might not be the right place to do this sort of stuff. An Instagram account, or maybe posting directly to the blog, might make more sense.

But I also lost interest in this because it wound up being lots of random, uninteresting photos from my phone. The last time I did it, I chronicled my first year living on my own, in a new city. Turns out, it’s more fun and engaging when you have some sort of goal or framework for yourself. I have some ideas percolating, so we’ll see what happens.

As you can probably guess from this post, my goals for 2015 haven’t really changed that much from the goals I set for 2014.