January Hatchery Box

Apparently I don’t have a photo of the January box, which arrived a few weeks ago. But in any case, here’s what it included:

Cinnamon Honey from Everyday Eclectic – The suggested recipe involves baked pears, which sounds delicious. But it’s more likely this will wind up on an english muffin or maybe pancakes.

Smoked Paprika Mayo from Empire Mayonnaise – I’ve gotten a mayo from these folks before, which was quite tasty. The suggested use for these is on top of black bean burgers, but I bet it would also be good on turkey burgers.

Original Hot Sauce from Southern Art & Co. – Hot sauce! We will probably wind up using this on eggs. I very much enjoyed the other sauce I got from them, a Bulgogi BBQ sauce I used to make some steak wraps.

Grower’s Blend “Shorty” EVOO from Other Brother Company – Remember
when I smashed a bottle of olive oil a few months ago? This is from the same company, and it’s the same olive oil blend. Looking forward to trying to use this, probably in a salad dressing.

Key Lime Curd from Just Jan’s – I can’t think of the last time I had a curd in the house. Seems like I probably need to make some scones. Though it occurs to me that it might be really interesting on a cracker with goat cheese…hmm.

I’m starting to have repeat producers in my boxes, but (with the exception of the olive oil here) it’s not been the same product. Hopefully that will continue!

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