Recent Recipes

Chili-Lime Rubbed Tofu and Pasta de Los Angeles from Appetite for Reduction – This combination (suggested in the book) did not do a thing for me. The pasta portion is one of those dishes where the leftovers somehow lose the flavor, which means it’s not a good lunch option. (Unfortunately, that’s why I had made it.) The tofu held up well, but was not enough to carry the dish. I’m also still not sold on the combination of tofu and pasta, but I’ll probably try again at some point with a different recipe.

Spaghetti Carbonara from Cook’s Illustrated (March/April 2013) – This was my first attempt at spaghetti carbonara, and it was quite tasty! The Cook’s Illustrated recipe was very easy to follow, though it is one of those that creates a huge amount of dishes – at least with Cook’s you know the reason for each dish! Because you need to be able to move quickly once you get past the first step, I set out everything I needed before starting, which worked very well and I highly recommend doing. I also cut the recipe in half, which was pretty easy to do, and was still quite a lot of pasta for two. My only issue is that this wasn’t quite salty enough. I’m not sure if that’s because I added the salt to the pasta pot quite late in the boil, or if it’s because I used whole wheat pasta instead of regular. (Or because this isn’t really supposed to be particularly salty?) In any case, I would certainly make this again! It was a very easy meal that felt a little special.

Mango Yogurt Smoothie – This is a very simple smoothie to throw together, especially if you’ve already chopped up the mango. The recipe notes that this makes 1-2 servings; I found it was a big single serving, but it kept me full well past the point in the morning where I usually start to get hungry. The bits of ice were a little weird, and I wondered how this would work using frozen fruit and omitting the ice. I can definitely see this becoming a summertime breakfast option.

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