Recent Recipes: Hatchery Edition

Key Lime Curd – I wound up enjoying this on crackers with goat cheese. Quite delightful! It had a lovely smooth texture and bright flavor.

Wei Kitchen Shallot Oil & Amber Vinegar – I made a riff on the suggested recipe, using a red bell pepper instead of the shredded carrot and cucumber. It was a pretty tasty dinner!

Arette Tea Seed Oil and Hummingbird Fine Foods Champagne Vinaigrette – I had bookmarked this recipe for Crispy Chicken Paillards with Arugula-Citrus Salad, and used that as my guide for dinner one night. Using some thin cut chicken breasts, I prepared them as directed in this recipe – they cooked so fast, and were very still juicy. I don’t think I noticed any difference using the tea seed oil, though it is supposed to have a higher smoke point than olive oil, which is what I typically reach for. I would make chicken this way again – the preparation would be even better with some marinated chicken, or some additional seasonings in the breading. To go with it, I put together a very simple salad with some things we had in the fridge – sections from a cara cara orange, mixed greens, red onion, red bell pepper, sprouts, and I think we had some tomatoes as well. I served it all along with the Champagne vinnaigrette, which was so delicious. I typically prefer to make my own salad dressing, or just use oil and vinegar, but this was wonderful and I something I would consider buying in a full size.

Dave’s Homemade Sweet & Sassy Smokehouse Rub – We used this to make this Southwestern flavored quinoa bowl, which was really good. This is one of those things that easy to prep a few days in advance and comes together really fast – we’ll be enjoying this again!

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