2007 Projects


Top-Secret Project
Cast on 7/29/07
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Airy Scarf (Last Minute Knitted Gifts)
Cast on 7/5/0, finished 7/28/07.
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Plain “first-socks” socks
Cast on 5/16/07; First sock completed 5/26. Second sock completed 8/1.
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Top-Down Raglan Cardi v 2.0 (Cosmicpluto Knits!)
Swatched 3/3/07, finished 5/17/07
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Lady Eleanor (Scarf Style)
Cast on 12/10/06, finished 2/13/07
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Arctic Diamonds Stole

Backyard Leaves


Calorimetry (Knitty.com)
Cast on 1/26, finished 1/30.
Too big, frogged it.

Fetching (Knitty.com)
Cast on 1/20, finished 1/26.
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Gentleman’s Watchcap (generic hat cobbled together from various sources)
Take two: Cast on 1/14, finished 1/16.
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Compulsive Cables (Pattern by Moi!)
Cast on 1/5, finished 1/15.
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