Cool stuff – August edition

Lots of this was collected from LifeHacker in August – what’s not from LifeHacker is noted.

  • EjectUSB – force programs & processes to let go of your darn flash drive. Windows only.
  • Two from a great post — “Top Ten Printable Paper Productivity Tools.” PocketMod – DIY pocket notebook – this will be perfect when my last cardboard-cover Moleskine hits the recycling bin. Very easy to quickly create your custom version — includes the usual things like calendars and a variety of list types, but also games and a tip calculator. D*I*Y Planner – all kinds of crazy inserts sized to fit a few standard sizes of planner. I’ve gotten out of the habit of using mine regularly (blame GCal), but it still serves as grocery-coupon holder and address book.
  • The WordPress theme directory had stopped taking new submissions a while back, which was really annoying if you didn’t like much of what was posted. They have finally started up a new one, hooray! Check out the new theme directory. via the WordPress blog.
  • Did you know you can turn off the clipboard bar in Office? There’s an options menu down at the bottom of it — I didn’t even notice. Sweet.
  • Iron Chef Secrets Revealed at ABC News. via Not Martha.
  • Do you use Firefox’s password manager? Go turn on the Master Password that protects the stored info.
  • Opt out of getting (some) credit card & insurance offers in the mail. via Consumerist.

Round up: Cool new stuff

Some neat things I’ve found lately but can’t necessarily vouch for as I haven’t used all of them:

  • Anyvite: Evite – required accounts for invitees (+ social/photosharing tech!). via Demo Girl.
  • The Bicycle Tutor: Video tutorials for bike repair. Now if only I had the tools and the space . . . via Googling to learn more about shifting.
  • Wirewize: Customized explanation of how to hook up YOUR A/V system. Someday when I have more than two components this might help. via Lifehacker.
  • Bikely: User-submitted bike routes. Via Googling for (nonexistent?) Baltimore City bike map of marked routes.
  • GMaps Pedometer: Not new, but I love this & Bikely made me think of it. Go against the flow of traffic! Cut across parks willy-nilly!
  • GMail is apparently rolling out a new feature that will allow you to see if you are logged in somewhere else, and remotely disconnect. Helpful for those of us who bounce between computers. via Lifehacker. Also, did you know you can put filters on your outgoing GMail? Neat.

I know there are at least a couple of you who like seeing my links come through the blog as posts. The daily blog posting service that provides–what I used on my WP hosted blog–isn’t working properly for some reason. For the time being, I’ve added a widget with the 5 most recent links I’ve saved to the sidebar. Of course, you can also just dump my feed into your reader and call it good. Who knows if or when I will figure out the problem.