On shopping, specifically sales

 Gentlemen, my apologies, you may not really care that much about this post.

meucci shoesHere we have a pair of Sesto Meucci shoes on my very own feet. (Sorry for the distracting background, I couldn’t get a clear picture anywhere farther away from the lamp.) They are quite cute. The chocolate and reddish-brown colors wrap around and expand to cover the back of the shoe, while the shiny brownish-brown that makes up the main color in this photo tapers off. They and have a stacked kitten heel. While I won’t be walking around the city in these, I think they will be fine for all-day wear to work.

The best part of this? I can’t find these exact shoes online anywhere, but other Sesto Meucci shoes I am seeing go for $160ish. I paid $26 at DSW. Yeah! These will work well with skirts, and potentially also with some pants  I got today. (The next female friend who is over at my place will be subjected to critiquing a few things I bought today at Ann Taylor. Consider yourselves warned.) Continue reading

Another project reveal

Don’t get too excited, yarny people. This is a work project.

The December ’06 issue of InfoLink (PDF) contains an interview I did with one of my supervisors, as well as a great article on the Deleting Online Predators Act that was edited by a friend! The February issue will feature another interview by me, and I’m writing the lead article for it as well!

Second semester begins

This week my second semester of library school started. Again, I’m just taking two classes, though I may speed it up next year. I’ll see how I feel partway through this semester.

In any case, I’m taking Public Libraries and Information Organization (aka cataloging). It’s always hard to judge based on just one meeting, but so far I like these both. They’re interesting topics and the professors are great. It looks like there will be a lot of reading for each, so I will need to buckle down on that. Right now, I feel very driven to do well in both of these classes, because they both speak to the direction I want to move in within the field –technology and/or technical services in public libraries. I finally figured out what technical services is (there’s a class here with a nearly unintelligble description) — someone who took the class briefly explained it to me, and so now that course description makes a bit more sense: acquiring books and equipment, cataloging, preservation of materials, etc.

I say public libraries because in talking about the issues surrounding public libraries — providing access to the Internet and other information for people who can’t afford it, serving the community’s needs, acting as a public gathering space — really engage me. Don’t get me wrong — all kinds of libraries are important. But I think public libraries are set up to fill a lot of needs within the community. I’m not sure when it happened but this public service thing has really taken hold of me. I guess that’s what you get for working for a nonprofit right out of college!