Wall o' Love From Afar


Here’s a look at a very cool little project I finally got around to earlier this week. This is just a length of twine tied to three finishing nails, with some clothespins to hang up the cards. Half of the wall is dedicated to “old(ish) but awesome” and half to “most recently received.” This is in my hallway, so I see it several times every day (although really, I could put it anywhere in my place and I’d see it every day, but let’s not get into the logistics of one-bedroom apartment living). That also means that it will be hard to get good pictures of it, since I can’t back up to take them, and the light situation will never be all that great. But, you get the gist. Click through to Flickr to see a version with notes bearing details on who the current cards & notes are from, and also to look at a much larger version.

Some friends who either have excellent taste in cards or write awesome messages are featured more than once. Please feel free to start a competition among yourselves to see who can get the most cards featured. Continue reading