Trip Diary: Portland Beer

The problem with not writing this stuff up right away is that the resulting posts get shorter with the passage of time. (I suppose that for some of you this is not necessarily a downside.) In any case, here’s a look at the breweries I visited in Portland in March.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the breweries you can visit in Portland, OR. For the most part, it’s just the breweries that were in walking distance of my hotel, as that was the easiest way to avoid getting overwhelmed with options. I’m not going to list all the beers I had while I was out there – if you’re that curious, scroll back in my untappd history to March 24 – 30.  Continue reading

Mikkeller Yeast Series tasting

During this year’s Baltimore Beer Week, Andrea and I attended a ladies’ only event held at Max’s Taphouse, one of my favorite bars in Baltimore.  The event was sponsored by Baltimore Beer Babes, and was a tasting of the Mikkeller Yeast Series 2.0. This series of beers allows you to very clearly experience the difference that the choice of yeast can make. The base beer is exactly the same for each of the six brews, so the yeast (and resulting requirements for fermentation time and temperature) are the only variable that changes. In the case of the 2.0 series (their second) the base is a pale ale, which I thought was a mite hoppy for this, but it worked out just fine.

Mikkeller Yeast Series

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