In Which I Get An IUD: Part 2

You’ll want to read Part 1 if you haven’t already. I’ve had my IUD for just over two weeks now, and so far so good. Depending on your tolerance/interest in these sorts of things, this post might be a little bit too much information. Consider yourself warned. (Alternatively, if this is not enough information – please just ask me and I will be glad to answer your questions.) Continue reading

What's interesting today

Digital Shift: Librarians Feel Sticker Shock as Price for Random House Ebooks Rises as Much as 300 Percent
Random House has increased the price they charge libraries to purchase ebooks for lending. I could understand this if they were also changing their lending model such that more than one person at a time could use a single copy of the book. But it remains a “single-seat” model. Oh, and as David Lee King points out – libraries don’t actually OWN these books, and the price increase isn’t due to a change to an ownership model. I think that for most libraries, this price hike is ultimately going to mean fewer copies of popular titles available, and fewer ebooks purchased in general. I know the publishers need to make money to stay afloat, but do they really think this is the way to do it?

Unofficial SXSWi Primer for Rowdy Librarians
A quick take on how to make the most of SXSW. This includes some great general tips for any conference, and for any time when you need or want to try and strike up a conversation with someone. It seems so obvious but I rarely think to ask “so what brought you here?” which will really work in ANY situation.

The Hairpin: The Contraception “Debate”
This is a brief post on what’s been going on lately with the debate around contraception. I find it disheartening how conservatives (well, at least the loudest ones) seem to only see the issues around “separation of church and state” from one angle. I have no problem if someone chooses not to do something because of their religious beliefs.  But trying to impose those beliefs on others is where I draw the line. A few stray thoughts I’ve had in the last week or so as I continue to hear and think about this issue:

  • What do conservative women think and feel around this topic?
  • As far as the politicians involved are concerned, I keep thinking to myself “did they forget women got the vote?!”
  • Imagine what things might be like if our elected officials spent this much energy on something like job creation.
  • Would we be having this discussion if men could get pregnant?

Sunscreen summary

I’ve been thinking a lot about sunscreen lately because I need to upgrade what I’m using — funnily enough, the sun down here is a bit more powerful than I’m used to. In any case, while checking out a brand that came recommended by a friend today, I found the Cosmetic Safety Database, which is maintained by the Environmental Working Group (they do the Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce, which also looks interesting). Anyway, the Cosmetics Safety Database has an in-depth section on sunscreen, rating hundreds of types on the effectiveness of the product at blocking UVA and UVB rays and on the safety of the ingredients.

Even if you’re not particularly concerned about protecting yourself from the sun, it’s worth at least looking at their Sunscreen Summary – What Works and What’s Safe and poking around some of the general info – like reminding yourself of the answer to the eternal question of “What does ‘SPF’ really mean?” This will remind you, as it did me, that despite my attachment to SPF 45, for any product over SPF 30 the gains in protection are minimal.

The site (this portion at least – I assume the rest is the same) is really easy to use. There’s tons of info, I found it to be well-organized, and the design is clean without being spare. I especially like how the numerical graphics they use to display the score each sunscreen receives in two categories (health hazard and sun hazard — number of sketchy chemicals and how well it actually protects you) and the overall score. It’s easy to just scroll down and look at only a certain portion of the results. The search — both the site search in the banner and the sunscreen-specific search at the right — worked well. Check it out and see how your favorite stacks up.

I’ll post with a review of what I’ve been using so far this summer in a couple of weeks – I just ordered some reinforcements today.

Another reason why Planned Parenthood rocks

In which I divulge personal information you may prefer not to know, depending on who you are and how you know me. I clearly don’t think it’s too much to put on the Internet (and I think about these things), but FYI.

So, despite being a huge Planned Parenthood supporter, I had actually never been to one until late last week, when I visited Plan, an express clinic that opened a few months ago in Davis Square. I went to get an STD check and a refill on my birth control, since I currently can’t afford to go visit my regular OB/GYN to take care of this (and get a pelvic exam)*. Plan doesn’t offer pelvic exams, but they do STD tests and other counseling. Continue reading