When worlds collide

So, you remember how I am one of the moderators for the Walker Treasury Project?

And you know I’m in library school?

Well, last night I was reading the August ’07 edition of Library Journal (probably the biggest trade magazine for librarians. It covers trends in the field, but at least half of every issue is devoted to book reviews and articles that can help librarians build solid topic-specific collections). This month there’s a feature on developing a good collection of knitting books for your library. “Sweet!” I thought.

So, I’m reading along and there’s a reprint of a ’98 review of the Walker Treasuries (as a whole, there are 5). It basically says what everyone thinks about them, that they are great resources but because they were originally printed in the late 60’s and early 70’s, the photos of the swatches — the little bits of knitting that the books are all about — are in black and white. Not so great, but oh well. So, I start to think to myself “I think you can comment on their articles online. Tomorrow I should get on the website and see if I can send some feedback about the Walker Treasury Project.” But wait! I keep reading, and what do I see under Internet Resources?

Walker Treasury Project
A volunteer effort to make available on the web high-quality color photos of all patterns in Barbara Walker’s five stitch treasuries.

Yeah! Don’t you just love it when worlds collide?

First Ever Socks

My first-ever socks are done! Click through for on-the-feet photos. These are basic , top-down socks with a little bit of 1×1 ribbing at the cuff, and straight knitting all the way down.
I enjoyed knitting these, even if it took me 2.5 months (most of that time was spent not working on the second sock). The first sock was slightly too big, so for the second I cast on two fewer stitches, and had to make my best estimates as to how many stitches to have on each needle when turning the heel. I think it worked out okay, though I did have a problem where I wound up having to purl while turning the heel. Rather than rip back and figure out what went wrong, I just reversed direction so I could knit, and there is a little hole in the sock where I did that. Since these are learning socks that I will keep, it doesn’t really matter.

I like knitting socks and they do go quite fast, provided you actually work on them. 🙂 I think I am going to have to give the two-at-a-time method a try, though perhaps not for my next pair. Those will be toe-up, probably magic looped.

SP10 final package!

My final package for SP10 came early this week (Monday?) and I forgot to blog about it, though if you follow me on Flickr you’ve seen this already. Anyway, the lovely Celena sent me another great package! The made the sheep soap, and dyed the yarn herself. She also dyed up a tote bag, which you can see if you click through on the photo. She also sent some mocha mix, which is delicious. I had a wonderful time with SP10, and while I’m not going to do SP11, I will definitely do another SP in the future.

In other knitting news, I have picked the sock back up and knit the heel flap the other night. But, at the moment I am spending most of my time reading Harry Potter 6, which I hadn’t read previously, in order to read Harry Potter 7 as soon as Sparkle J and JeT finish with one of their copies. I also saw “Order of the Phoenix” last night, which was very helpful as about halfway through Chapter 2 of “Half-Blood Prince” I realized I had never actually read book 5. Whoops!

Yes, I still knit

I haven’t been knitting much this summer. The socks have stalled out at the heel of the second one. I had been planning on trying a different heel and toe for that one, but perhaps in the interest of finishing them I won’t. I keep losing track of where I am in trying to do a short-row heel. I also have a stalled-out Ballband Dishcloth that I don’t feel like working on.

So, when I wanted to knit the other night I thought I’d start Clapotis, but I need bigger needles than I actually own. So instead, I grabbed some of the handspun I got at MA Sheep & Wool and cast on an Airy Scarf (Last Minute Knitted Gifts). It’s not as airy as I had thought, but I still like the way it’s knitting up. The colors are just beautiful, and it’s so, so soft.

Garter will work its magic and kick me back into gear. 🙂


After patiently waiting since May 10, I was let into Ravelry on Saturday. Yippee! It is totally awesome and I am really enjoying having an online place to keep track of all of my projects, yarns, etc. I’m slowly filling things in, but if you’re on (or when you get there) be my pal (search for spinstah)!

Thanks Casey & Jess! This is awesome. 🙂