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The Ubiquitous Librarian: Just don’t call it a Commons: Building the learning boutique model
This is a great discussion about the idea of the “commons,” which has caught on in libraries in the last several years. But Matthews points out that for one, a commons has no value-added services. A library’s commons does, by virtue of its location. And secondly, many libraries have interpreted the commons as an area with tons of desktop computers, which means we’re still focusing on the stuff, and in a way that’s not going to really enable us to rapidly change and evolve as technology changes. If suddenly all your students want to use are laptops and tablets, you are going to wind up with a lot of desk space going unused because it’s taken up with workstations.

Library Journal: JSTOR Announces Free Access to 500K Public Domain Journal Articles
According to LJ, this is about 6% of their total articles. It all predates 1923, and much of it was probably available to most historians affiliated with an academic institution, so this is really a boon for armchair researchers.

Simmons Chapter Wins ASIS&T 2011 Student Chapter of the Year
I was very pleased to learn today that the Simmons GSLIS student chapter of ASIS&T is the recipient of the 2011 Student Chapter of the Year Award. Again! The chapter last won the award in 2007, and I am proud to say I was an officer at that time. Nice work!


ASIS&T National Meeting Preview

This Monday, the Potomac Valley and Catholic University Chatpers of ASIS&T had a National Meeting Preview Event, where four presenters gave a taste of what they’ll be talking about at the conference. I wasn’t able to attend, but thought I would share:

Live from Milwaukee!

I only have a few minutes, but I wanted to post quickly to say that I am in Milwaukee at my second ASIS&T conference, and am having a great time. I’m much more comfortable this year, in part because I can introduce myself as chair of an awesome student chapter. Also, there are a ton of familiar faces (even if I don’t actually know these folks) and I just know more about library science in general. And it sure doesn’t hurt that the topic is social software, which is my new obsession. I am going to try and post more when I get home, but for now you can see what’s been happening mostly on Flickr:

2007 Student Chapter of the Year!

YES! The official word from ASIS&T:

It’s a tie!

The Student Chapter of the Year Award has two winners this year! The Award will be shared between the student chapters at Simmons College and UCLA. A hearty congratulations to both chapters!

Simmons College student chapter

One committee member remarked that the Simmons chapter “has found a way to its members’ minds — through their stomachs!” The Simmons chapter has also done a good job retaining membership numbers. Their chapter activities take wonderful advantage of the resources available to Simmons because of its geography and academic connections (within and outside Simmons). Their chapter activities are offered consistently and reflect current interests of students and practitioners. The Simmons chapter maintains consistent communications and uses current media for communications. The chapter gave and received awards during the 2006-7 reporting year.

Simmons held a total of 71 meetings, events and workshops—this included 8 meetings, 16 events, 47 workshops over the Fall and Spring semesters. Emerging Technologies Workshops covered topics such as XHTML & CSS, Wikis, User interface design, Podcasting and Internet Radio, Setting up an RSS Aggregator, etc. Members assisted students in holding an Advising Day for incoming GSLIS students, and Speed Geeking II, in which five panelists spoke to small groups of 3 or 4 about technology related jobs. Current membership is 39, a slight decrease from the 44 previous, however they recruited 28 new members, and retained 11.

 Hip hip, hooray!!

Just call me little lady

While I’m thinking of it, just thought I’d let the librarians amongst you know that I am headed off to the ASIS&T Annual Meeting. I leave this weekend, and will be back late next week. I’ll be blogging and flickring it elsewhere, so there probably won’t be much activity here (except the very silly and non-professional).

Simmons GSLIS: Dispatches from the Field

The Official Annual ’06 Blog, by NEASIS&T

Simmons ASIS&T Flickr photostream:

The Official Annual ’06 Flickr photostream, by NEASIS&T