Looking Back at 2012

Last year I did a list-style update that I thought was a nice way to recap the year. I’m repeating it this year, starting off again with some random statistics:

  • Bouts Officiated: 19
  • Zipcar Rentals: 27
  • Foursquare Badges Unlocked or Leveled Up: 30
  • Dailymile Workouts: 143
  • Jars canned: 104
  • Miles on the bike: 97.97

Overall it was a good year, but the theme was “life is expensive.” There was the crazy high electric bills at my old apartment, I moved again, there were problems with my student loan payments, some trips that I didn’t plan for at the start of the year, and I bought a new setup for working at home sooner than I’d planned. I just kept reminding myself that this is why I have a savings account. I somehow managed not to touch my emergency fund, though the student loan payment problems made me start thinking about it.

I’m also still trying to adjust to the higher rent at my new apartment – the student loan payment problems threw me for a loop at the end of the year, and I won’t really know what my 2013 take home pay looks like for a few more weeks. Everything is – and will be – fine. I wasn’t eating ramen for weeks on end nor did I have to turn down invitations just to save a few bucks, and I was grateful for that. Had any of this happened to me a few years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to absorb the costs. Hopefully 2013 will be a bit more predictable, financially.

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On Not Having Children

Still, I’m one of those people who gaze at every single baby photo on Facebook. It’s not that I hate children; that’s just not the life that I want. When my first really good friend had her baby, I cried out of sheer joy for her. But it actually strengthened my feelings about not wanting to have children because I felt overwhelming pride for her but no jealousy.

Five women on their decisions not to have children.





Announcing: The Salon

No, not a place to get a haircut.

A place to gather and meet new people. A place to enjoy good food, and good drink, and good conversation. A social event to hopefully push you a little bit out of your usual routine. A salon.

Every few weeks I’ll host a small gathering of people. Brunch, cocktails, cheese tasting, whatever. Maybe there will be board games. Maybe someone will share some photos they took, or a quilt they made, or something else they created. Maybe after a while we’ll all leave together to go out to some event in the city.

The fun part is that I’m not going to try to curate the guest list. I’m going to put together a list of people who are interested in attending, in general. Then I’ll choose a date and time, and send an email to everyone. The first few people to respond and say that they can attend, will get to attend. Everyone else will have to hope for better luck next time.

Interested? Get on the list.*


*I reserve the right to not actually put you on the list if I don’t know you in real life, or for any other reason that I see fit. After all, if I wouldn’t invite you into my home if I was setting the guest list, you aren’t getting in just because I posted something online.

In Which I Get An IUD: Part 2

You’ll want to read Part 1 if you haven’t already. I’ve had my IUD for just over two weeks now, and so far so good. Depending on your tolerance/interest in these sorts of things, this post might be a little bit too much information. Consider yourself warned. (Alternatively, if this is not enough information – please just ask me and I will be glad to answer your questions.) Continue reading