Trip Diary: San Francisco

At the end of June, I was in San Francisco for the ALA Annual conference. Most of the time I look forward to, or at least don’t mind, traveling for work. But this time, I wasn’t into it. It was a busier than usual conference for me – we had official events at the end of every day. I really didn’t get to see much of San Francisco aside from the immediate area around the Moscone Center. Rather than do a full writeup in my usual style, I think I’ll just hit the high points.

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Trip Diary: Austin

This spring and summer has been a good stretch for conference travel – in mid-May, Medical Libraries took me back to Austin, TX, which I last visited for a wedding. Luckily for me, those same friends still live there, so I was able to spend lots of time with them, and a college friend of theirs who is in town for part of the summer. Continue reading

Trip Diary: Portland Beer

The problem with not writing this stuff up right away is that the resulting posts get shorter with the passage of time. (I suppose that for some of you this is not necessarily a downside.) In any case, here’s a look at the breweries I visited in Portland in March.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the breweries you can visit in Portland, OR. For the most part, it’s just the breweries that were in walking distance of my hotel, as that was the easiest way to avoid getting overwhelmed with options. I’m not going to list all the beers I had while I was out there – if you’re that curious, scroll back in my untappd history to March 24 – 30.  Continue reading

Trip Diary: Portland

I was lucky enough to get to go to Portland, Oregon for the ACRL conference this spring, a city I’d long wanted to visit. I didn’t wind up extending my trip but a whole lot, but I did have about two full days that were free of work obligations. And Portland is such a compact city that it wound up being really easy to pack in a lot of sightseeing. I would gladly go back again, though I think I would want to make sure I spent some time in Mt. Hood National Forest and the Columbia Gorge.

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Trip Diary: New Orleans, Part 2

Without further ado, a giant list of places we ate and drank in New Orleans! And some of the things I/we ate and drank!

A lot of these places are not in the French Quarter, but if you like to walk on vacation (or if you grab a cab, or course) you will be able to get to many of them without too much trouble. Several are nearby one another in Marigny, and others are on or very near to Frenchman Street. Continue reading