ASIS&T 2008: Conferences & Social Networking

Making the Most of Conferences Via Social Networking
Presenters: Crystal Fulton, Julie Hesberger, Kate Johnson (absent), Ophelia Morey, Ruth Vondracek

[Sessions at this time were only given an hour instead of 1.5 – 2. Seems like poor planning to me. Was OK to run over because there are no sessions again until 2pm, but still, you have maybe 15 minutes extra before people start to leave.]

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ASIS&T 2008: Life on the Web

My So-called Life on the Web
Presenters: Allison Brueckner, Gary Marchionini, Catherine Marshall, William Jones (moderator), Marcia J Bates

[Came in late, so I missed most of the first presenter, Fred someone-or-other. Sounds like he talked about privacy on Facebook. Sat on the floor in the back of a full room & couldn’t really see the screen. Marcia J Bates was listed but isn’t here – missed intros so not sure what happened, guessing Fred took her place.]

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ASIS&T 2008: Plenary

Earlier this afternoon, I arrived in Columbus, OH for ASIS&T 2008. I am staying in the conference hotel (a Hyatt Regency) and feeling totally spoiled as I lean up against a huge stack of pillows on the bed. My flight was fine (love those 1 hour-ish flights) but I spent a lot of time at BWI before takeoff. As in, I arrived at BWI at 7:40am for a 10:25 flight. Not only did Super Shuttle insist on picking me up between 7:25 and 7:40 for the 30 minute drive to BWI (which I think was much quicker on a Sunday morning) but then they showed up 15 minutes early. I was not quite ready yet, but I don’t think I forgot anything too important. I did feel exceedingly vain putting on my makup in the airport ladies’ room, though.

Anyway, I’m going to try some conference blogging since Dr Bunsen Honeydew has much better battery life than Kermit the Gateway Laptop could ever dream of. That said, I didn’t have my computer with me for the plenary, so I’m working off of my notes for this post. And since I didn’t have a notebook and was taking notes on the back of some of the conference materials, that means these notes & thoughts are not necessarily in the order in which they were presented in the session. Anyway, my thoughts & comments are in brackets.

Plenary Session
Genevieve Bell on Transforming the Internet
Respondents: Howard Rheingold and Andrew Keen

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ASIS&T National Meeting Preview

This Monday, the Potomac Valley and Catholic University Chatpers of ASIS&T had a National Meeting Preview Event, where four presenters gave a taste of what they’ll be talking about at the conference. I wasn’t able to attend, but thought I would share: