Buttercup Bag

Buttercup BagA little over a month ago, I finally bought a sewing machine (a refurbished Janome). This is something I’d been thinking about off and on for several years, but given the space constraints in my Davis Square apartment, not to mention those related to the budgetary constraints of a grad student, I had kept it on the back burner. Finally this spring I jumped in, and I’ve really enjoyed having this new crafty outlet.

I’ve made a couple of things already (a cover for my laundry bag, some potholders, a set of placemats for my Mom), most of which without any incident. I recently finished up making a pair of Buttercup Bags, a very easy project and one that I will probably make again. On the two that I made, I used an embroidered linen on the outside, and used some lightweight cotton for the lining and pocket. (I like a bag with a really fun lining.) Continue reading