Icelandic Turtleneck

I’ve been working on the Icelandic Turtleneck from the Crochet Me book for a few weeks. I got a lot done right before and after the trip out to Colorado for Bill & Andrea’s wedding, but then let it sit for a while. Yesterday I picked it back up and got through the part where you create the armholes. I tried it on and it was too big, even though I’m making the smallest size and am under guage. Now, I can’t say I’m surprised to hear this because other folks have found that the pattern runs big as well – partly because of the stretchiness of the stitch, no doubt. I considered making smaller arm holes and throwing in some decreases at the same time, but decided that given the stretchiness of the fabric, it probably made more sense to rip back to the last spot where I increased for the shoulders and bust. So, I just ripped back 12 rows, and I’m going to give this another shot with half of the increases. If that doesn’t work, I think I might frog the whole thing and try again with an even smaller hook. We’ll see how it goes!

Felted Messenger Bag

This is the Felted Messenger Bag from the Crochet Me book – I started it on Friday afternoon and it’s going really fast. I finished the body of the bag last night, so I’d estimate that I’m about 70% of the way done with this project. I have to make the strap, sew it all together and then felt and embellish. (Having mentally checked out of library school really frees up a lot of time for crafting, so I am hoping to have it ready to felt when I’m home for Thanksgiving.)

Project Specifics

Crochet me, crochet you

This afternoon, Joelle and I went to Spark Crafts in Porter Square for a pre-launch book signing and trunk show for the Crochet Me (new website!) book. It was a small group (I didn’t hear about it until Wednesday) but Kim was awesome, and we got to handle a bunch of projects from Interweave Crochet, and from the book itself. It was really fun to finally get to meet her, and the book is just as fantastic as I knew it would be! We also got to chat with Jess & Casey of Ravelry fame.

I haven’t been crocheting much lately, but there are a ton of great projects in this book, including a super cute shell done in the round. I think I might have to make that once I work through a little bit  more of the stash (or get a real job, whichever comes first). There’s also a really great felted messenger bag, which I think I may have to make as well (and which could incorporate a fair amount of various stashed wools, now that I think about it). Anyway, fun times, great patterns, and I managed not to buy any yarn while we were at Spark (um, because I didn’t look at it).