CSA Week 9

Summer has really only gotten going in the last couple of weeks, and you can tell at the farmer’s market. This week we finally saw some melons, so we split a watermelon. I grabbed some green bell peppers and then we also split a batch of cucumbers.

I’m still playing catch up with my produce from the last week or so, which meant that I didn’t get much else — just some peaches, which I think I will mostly eat at work with yogurt.

It seemed like there were more vendors at Waverly this past weekend — I noticed some new stands with fruit, and there was one stand with a whole mess of delicious looking heirloom tomatoes. I behaved myself but next week I will definitely splurge on some tomatoes, artisan bread and cheese and I’ll be sure to pick up a bottle of white wine as well. Best summer dinner ever!

CSA weeks 6, 7, 8

Oops, fell a little behind.

Week 6:

I got a head of green cabbage (I still have half of it, I’m hoping it’ll continue to keep) and a bunch of arugula. The arugula I used in salads. With the cabbage I made a lentil dish from the NY Times that I did not find to be particularly good. It also didn’t keep very well for leftovers or lunches.

Week 7:

I picked up some cucumbers, some of which I shared with Joelle and Jesse. (The other I just ate on a salad and then plain). I believe I also got a head of green leaf lettuce, which just went into a couple of salads before it went kinda bad and I wound up throwing some of it away because it tasted funny.

Week 8:

We split part of the share. I have two ears of corn, some shallots, and a smallish eggplant. No real plans for any of that yet as I still have some leftover veggies I need to hurry through first. Suggestions for the eggplant are welcome, as I don’t often cook with it for some reason.

Weeks 7 and 8 I also picked up a few other fruits and veggies at the market. Right now I have some pickling cucumbers that I plan to make fridge pickles with, and I’ve got two quarts of bluberries hanging out in my freezer. I plan to bust out some cobblers with them in the fall and winter. I also have a whole bunch of roma tomatoes, a couple of bell peppers and some red potatoes. I don’t know what the deal is with those, but they started to go bad, which really surprised me. As a result I threw one away, threw away a bunch of pieces of three others, and what remained is now diced and sitting in a tupperware full of water in my fridge. I may just make a big batch of hash browns and have that for breakfast this week. I also have a zucchini and two summer squash that have seen better days. I am hoping they are still good enough that I can saute them up for lunches early this week.

CSA 2009: Week 5

This week I get the entire share, as Paul and Danielle are out of town. I picked out a bunch of kale, some rainbow chard, and some squash — three small summer squash and two zucchini. I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing with most of it yet. I have decided that I am going to blanch and freeze the kale, as it’s unlikely I’ll get to all these greens within the next day or so.

While I was at the market, I also picked up some green beans and two really interesting peppers – tequila sweet bell peppers, which are purple! I keep looking at the tomatoes but it’s just been so cool this summer that there’s not much yet, other than expensive heirlooms.