Compulsive Cables

Hey look! I wrote a pattern!

I am pretty excited, mostly to see if other people knit it up, and if so what they do with it. The pattern itself should be fairly easy to modify, given that I have included lots of narrative description.

I struggled the most with the crown decreases, as I was trying to simultaneously decrease a lot and keep cabling. Didn’t work out so well. After a couple of attempts I finally just did some plain decreases at the very top, and that worked out well enough. I have enough yarn left over that I might make a flower to pin to the top, or perhaps to the side.

The yarn is Malabrigo in Verdeazul, knit up on US 7’s,the smallest size recommended. The hat itself is all cabled, and has a cute little brim that’s created by not putting any ribbing or other border on the bottom, and simply launching straight into the pattern.

I can see a lot of ways to modify this hat, fairly easily, using different widths and heighs of cables, adding border to subtract the brim, and perhaps carrying the cables up a little closer to the top. You could even knit up a Scarf Rescue Hat a la Yarn Harlot, if you want to avoid the decreases entirely.

The pattern is here if you are so inclined. A couple of more photos are up on flickr if you want to take a look (click through the photo above). Nothing with it on my head yet, as I haven’t had someone around to help me take a photo during the limited daylight hours. Potentially this weekend. I plan to maintain a gallery if anyone else knits this. We’ll see!

I might put up the recipe for the GC’s watchcap once I know whether or not take two fits.

Hats are evil

Hats are supposed to be one of those “quick and easy” knits, aren’t they? They sure are super fast to crochet. So why have I been struggling so much with the two that I have been working on? It’s the crown decreases that keep getting to me (yes, even with the Yarn Harlot’s helpful instructions in Knitting Rules, which did not quite work out for me). In any case, one is done, and I will post the pattern this week (hopefully during which time I can get some good pictures). The other should also be done in the next couple of days. If it does not fit (this is the Gentleman Caller’s Hat, Take Two), we will have to have The Talk before I commit to re-knitting it for again. I am really, really, really itching to cast on for armwarmers and to take a crack at socks. And swatch for my sweater. And finish Lady E. And be done with these blasted hats.

In other news, The Knitting Librarian has a blog: Red Socks Nation. Go forth and subscribe, and marvel at the sheer speed of her knitting (and also her awesomeness).

Hat drama

I’m a little exasperated, but in a good-natured way, if that makes sense.

I am knitting a hat for myself right now, and I’m just not that pleased with my progress. It is my first knitted hat (I have crocheted many, but always sort of preferred the look of knit hats) and I have had some ups and downs. The hat is in a lovely midnight blue colorway of Malabrigo, one of my favorite yarns. I’ve had the yarn since October, and I have been dreaming of this hat since then, and how soft and gorgeous and warm and perfect it will be, and how I will captivate everyone around me when I wear it because it will make my eyes look even more lovely than usual. Ha.

So, I figure it can’t be that hard to find a free cabled hat pattern on the web. Actually, it kind of was. But I did find Chunky Cabled Beanie. I figure since I’m using worsted instead of chunky weight yarn, I’d cast on 99 instead of 66. (Gauge swatch? Huh?)
First I tried it on DPNs, as I kind of like working with them and had them in the right size. That was a little unwieldy, since I had to employ all five. So, I went out and bought a 36″ circular in that size (US8), thinking that I could magic loop it and then have a circular that was long enough to use for other, bigger projects, thereby saving money in the long run and not duplicating circs because I need them in different lengths. (Maybe I should have asked for a set of interchangeables for Christmas. Recommendations? It may not be too late.) Continue reading