Makeup for non-makeup girls

While I’ve gone through phases of wearing makeup, I’ve never really been convinced that the trade-off between covering up imperfections in my complexion vs. creating more by clogging my pores was worth it. My application techniques (and patience for the same) also leave something to be desired, and so the phases never lasted all that long.

When Jill & Tom got married, I turned to Abby to help me make sure I didn’t look like a jerk at their wedding. (Abby has since filled the role of personal stylist, something only slightly complicated by the 409 miles between us.) I wound up with some Clinque tinted moisturizer (I think it’s this one), Maybelline mascara and Pixi concealer (Undercover – listed under base) and eyeshadow (Triple Eye Colour in Tamora).

The concealer is amazing, and I still use it on a near-daily basis. It makes me look awake when I am dragging, and covers up the circles that are still there when I’m well-rested. I like the eyeshadow, too. I used the Clinique moisturizer for a while, but I never did get into the habit of using it daily — it still felt like a layer on my skin, unless I skipped my usual moisturizer (a difficult feat for someone so dependent on her routine in the morning). I also noticed that if I wore it for a few days in a row, I’d start to break out a little bit. Boo. So, by the end of last summer I was pretty much only using it for special occasions (by which I mean, interviews). Continue reading