MLA 2009: Customer Service

Now! That’s what I call customer service!
Julie Strange, statewide coordinator for Maryland AskUsNow
Cathay Crosby, operations assistant for Maryland AskUsNow

Focusing on customer service with chat and email reference, with an into that includes some basic customer service points. Continue reading

MLA 2009: How Millennials Search

The Case of the Millennials’ Mysterious Searching Habits
Lucy Holman, Director, University of Baltimore Langsdale Library

This was a really interesting session, and I felt Lucy did a great job of explaining how these students are searching. There are a lot of ways to try to address this issue, but none of them will be easy (and many of them are no doubt very unpopular).

UPDATE 5/20: Lucy presented a poster on this at ACRL this year, check it out for even more details.

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