Going Away Party

Saturday night was my graduation and going-away party (that’s right kids, I’m leaving Boston!) — click through for more hijinks on Flickr. Some of my contacts can see additional photos, so if you are on Flickr (or have a Yahoo! login and are willing to regsiter it with Flickr) do so and if you are actually my friend in real life I will make it so you can see the rest of the pictures.

It was really awesome to have my library school friends and my other friends get together and have so much fun! (Quincy) Dave brought his Wii, and we had a great time playing Wii Sports and games on the Rayman’s Raving Rabbits disc. Much food and drink was consumed, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. If you came, thank you for coming! And if you were already out of town for the holidays, I hope you had safe travels and a fun evening.