Open House

So, the open house that I’ve been planning to mark the end of construction at my library is on Friday. As in, a couple of days from now. Yikes. I think that everything is under control, but I keep thinking of little things that I need to get done. Like last night, it occurred to me that we’re having a raffle . . . and we have no raffle tickets. I’m getting them tomorrow, so it’s not a crisis, but still. What else will come up? I’m also still getting ideas from my coworkers, which is great except for the part where I’m out of time and energy to add anything to the day. There’s enough happening already. I’m trying to stop adding things in order to free up brain space to think up the things that I need to take care of for the stuff that’s already happening.

The open house is for the campus communities that we serve, but is also open to the public (much like we are at pretty much any time, except finals and for some phases of the construction). I’m hoping that some local librarians will stop by as well – we sent an announcement out over the MD Library Association listserv, so we’ll see what happens. I have blanketed the campuses with the information as best I can (and yet today we still got a complaint from someone who said she hadn’t seen anything–can’t win ’em all). We’re going to have snacks, of course, including both a sheet cake and a bunch of mini cupcakes (that was really a compromise between me & the director). The press is coming — we’ll have someone from the Catholic Review, and possibly a reporter from the Chronicle and one from the Sun. (I could link but you could Google, so we’re even.)

Anyway, for the curious, here’s what’s happening at the open house: Continue reading