Thrift Crawl

Last Saturday, my friend Catherine and I went on a thrift store crawl of Baltimore. (We had invited several other people to join us, but apparently picked a bad day.) We hit up five stores and had a blast, and we each got some great stuff. We started off by meeting for breakfast at The Metropolitan (which I really like, and I was very happy to recently discover that getting to Federal Hill without a car–at least some parts of it–is not as impossible as I had thought for the past year). Then we hit five thrift/consignment/vintage stores. Here’s the Google Map I made for the crawl, and I’ve put up photos of some of what I got, but if you’re interested in the play-by-play, that’s below.

Overall, we had a really fun time and will definitely do this again (hopefully with a few more people in tow). I think if we do this with more than three or four people, we’ll need to be a bit more organized and set time limits at some of the stores so we can make sure that we get to all of the different places, with enough time for lunch at some point. We may also need to drop a place from the crawl, but each had a different idea — Catherine thought we should drop Value Village, as she found it overwhelming; I thought we should drop DeBois Textiles as I felt that they didn’t have as much to offer as the other places we visited.

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