Socks On Friday, I finished knitting my second pair of socks. They took quite a while – I cast them on in December 2007. This was mainly because I got distracted by other projects. Once I picked the second sock back up and turned the heel, it was pretty smooth sailing.

These are a gift, and I am really, really hoping that they fit the recipient. They are a little too small for me, so hopefully they will fit her (that said, I think they might turn out to be a little bit big for her anyway. We’ll see.) I haven’t woven in any of the ends. I don’t know that I will have the strength to rip out the top of both of them and turn the heel again if they are too big, but it would be quick & easy enough to make them a bit shorter if she finds them too tall, or to decrease a bit if they are too big at the top. We’ll see what happens. Continue reading